Friday, November 24, 2017

Inspections SMS (for Safety Management Airports)

TÜO (Technical Supervisory Organisation for Safety, Quality and Environment GmbH) audits air carriers and airports according to the recommendations of the ICAO and the resulting national and international norms. The conformity assessment (inspection) is held according to a standardized process and the result of the inspection is then imparted to the supervisory aviation authority.

The aviation authority will issue a certificate for the conformity of the safety management system with national and international regulations, based on the above mentioned inspection.

Since 1997 TÜO experts have devised emergency planning according to ICAO appendix 14, chapter 9.1, and since 2004 they have implemented the safety management system in airports and air traffic control. During the last years our client base has expanded to include ground handlers and other airport operative companies.

All TÜO experts have many years of experience in air traffic control service, in airport or air traffic management, and hold or have held a private pilot license. The recommendations of the ICAO for safety management were implemented differently in the member states and therefore the goal of a uniformly defined safety standard on a global scale has not been achieved yet.

In Germany the recommendations of the ICAO from appendix 14 b § 45 by a-c LuftVZO have been transposed into national law. Since the regulations of § 45 LuftVZO are insufficiently defined German airports have safety management systems of very different forms, and this is not only due to the different size and traffic volume of the airports. Since 2008 more and more EU regulations deal with the certification of airports, air carriers and air traffic control organisations and their safety management systems. These regulations aim at achieving an European standard and a uniform level of safety in air traffic. To this end enormous powers were transferred to the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) in Cologne that will issue further detailed rules for the certification of airports at the end of 2012.