Friday, November 24, 2017

Technical Services

Construction site equipment/Construction vehicles and devices of powered access

For companies operating, leasing or selling construction site equipment, construction vehicles and devices of powered access our experts for technical services are the competent contact for evaluations and appraisals.

We support you with damage and valuation reports, examining the documentation and delivering tailormade service packages made up from the following components:

- Inventory of devices and machinery
- Evaluation
- Machinery status report including fittings
- Damage assessment
- On-site inventory
- Hydraulic fluid analysis

TÜO offers to inspect facilities, equipment and products as well as auditing of systems and processes locally and internationally. Usually our inspections and audits result in the issuing of a certification conforming to the above demands.

Supporting compliancy with European regulations (CE conformity assessment according to EN 98/37/EC)

Installing new machinery within the European Union is regulated by the EU directive 98/37/EC that lay down the exact rules for compliancy with the CE conformity sign based on the regulations for operating machinery, for health and safety.

Within the EU - and other markets - machinery may be operated after passing a test for conformity run by a certified authority. This process scrutinizes the complete installation and also individual parts according to complex and uniform standards. Potentially dangerous installations must pass a type approval process by an independent expert. This is necessary to document compliancy with valid norms and to obtain the CE conformity seal.