Friday, November 24, 2017

Environmental officers

The goal of environmental protection is the protection, care and maintenance of the natural living resources of mankind. Companies seriously striving to achieve these goals face enormous challenges.

The regulations concerning the protection of the environment are based on a large number of laws and legislations. There are major regulations like the federal law for emission protection, the water resources act or the recycling and waste managment act, and several hundreds of minor laws, acts and administrative rules dealing with matters of environmental protection in production.

Due to growing demands on the environment and the increasing use of natural resources these are continually extended, changed and adapted within the growing framework of the European Union. A major aspect of environmental legislation is the "polluter pays" principle that may cause high liability costs for a business.

To minimize these risks it is necessary to comply with regulations and it is enormously important to implement a suitable structure of environmental protection in production. Moreover environmental legislation demands that special officers are appointed for advisory, control and intiative duties. Violations may cause severe penalties and more importantly a considerable loss of reputation within economic circles as well as the public sphere.

Environmental officers therefore must support a suitable implementation of inter-authority environmental measures and must advance awareness of the environment in industry, administration and the public sphere.