Friday, November 24, 2017

Safety specialist

TÜO makes the environment a general issue and the workplace safer. Analyses, tests and knowledge transfer serve people and businesses. As an organisation of independent expertsTÜO offers a broad range of safety related services for industry, craft and communities.

Leading a business implies responsibility for the enterprise and its employees. Only pioneering economic decisions guarantee the long term continued existence of a company. Nowadays many companies concentrate on their core competencies and delegate tasks like payroll accounting and data processing.

The control of occupational safety by independent experts continues to gain in importance. Only a professionally implemented safety regulations ensures compliancy with the legal requirements and takes into account the needs of the employees. EU-wide minimum regulations have been laid down in the Industrial Safety Act of 1996. It holds the employer accountable for workplace safety but leaves sufficient space for individual measures.

According to the Industrial Safety Act of 1973 the employer is obliged to commission safety specialists for workplace safety to advise and support him in matters of safety and accident prevention. The objective is to ensure that safety and accident prevention regulations are implemented correctly and the methods applied reach high levels of efficiency.