Friday, November 24, 2017


TÜO certification and inspection activities are based on the governmental accreditation guidelines and regulations in the matter of certification for management systems according to ISO 17021 and in the matter of inspections according ISO 17020.

Basic for all certifications and inspections are the European regulations (EG) No. 765/2008 from 09. July 2008 for market control as well the directives of the IAF (International Accreditation Forum). In addition to the national accreditation based by DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle) is TÜO accredited through the EGAC (Egyptian Accreditation Council) and in preparation of the DAC (Dubai Accreditation Council). The accreditations from EGAC (Egyptian Accreditation Council) is based on the Presidential Decree number 312/1996 and re-organized by the Presidential Decree number 248/2006.

TÜO are permanently monitored by German Accreditation Council (DAkkS) under the number (DAkkS ZM-16104) for quality management systems 9001:2008 and environmental systems ISO 14.001:2004 as well TÜO is monitored by DAkkS under the number GAZ-ZM-00-41-10-10-01 for safety management systems OHSAS 18.001:2007 as well for food safety management systems ISO 22.001:2005; in additional through EGAC (Egyptian Accreditation Council). Both governmental organizations are fully members of the IAF (Internationals Accreditation Council). More details can also removed from the website of DakkS or EGAC